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learn_persian's Journal

Learn Persian
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!خوش آمدید - Khosh āmadid! - Welcome!

This is a community for Persian students of all levels. Feel free to post about anything relevant, from complete beginner's questions to advanced grammar, but be forewarned that tattoo requests will be deleted. Furthermore, feel free to post in English or Persian, using the Arabic (Persian), Roman (English), or Cyrillic (Tajiki) alphabets. If you do post in Persian, please note that the lingua franca of the community is English, so it would be helpful to provide an English translation. To keep things simple, I have written a short guide for typing Persian words with an English keyboard.

Please note that Iranian Persian ("Fārsi"), Afghan Persian ("Dari"), and Tajik Persian ("Tojiki") are all dialects of the same language, which is called Persian in English. They are only as different as American English, British English, and Australian English are. None of the dialects is "better" or more "proper" than another; they are all equal.

Two great free resources for learning Persian are EasyPersian.com and Unilang. For technical information and utilities, try Jahanshiri.

I am wiped, the moderator for this community. I'm an Iranian born in the United States, where I grew up speaking English, but have been learning Persian for several years now.