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for I am a fool, and thou art nothing...

a question about hijab in iranian american culture

I have a question about Iranian funeral etiquette and I apolgize if I am asking in the wrong place.

My uncle's memorial service is at the Islamic Cultural Center of Chicago this Sunday. I do not know if I will be expected to wear hijab, or a chador, or what.

I am not hijabi nor a practicing muslim. My father was Shi'ite Iranian and my mother is Chinese Buddhist and I was consensually raised to be pantheistic. I have never, ever seen any of my female Iranian Shi'ite relatives were hijab in the States, only when they visit to Iran or for things like funerals. However when they do wear hijab it is always black. I think most of the websites I can find with information on how to wear hijab are Arabic of some form or sometimes African because they feature fabrics of all kinds of bright colors and Iranians always, in my experience wear black. Even when not in hijab Iranians wear a lot of black in my experience. I have also never seen any of them wear a chador, not even in photos from Iran. All the Iranian-specific websites say Iranian women wear chadors, but my family doesn't. The only time I have been to the Islamic Center before was for my own father's memorial service, but I was seven and I don't honestly remember it very well. I remember that something covered my head but I don't clearly remember what my mother dressed me in - and even if I did remember she is the Chinese one, and recently bereaved with her grief to deal with, so who knows how correct it was.

Can anyone please advise me on how I ought to dress for my uncle's memorial service?

Thank you.
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